An open letter to the Coronavirus

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Dear Coronavirus,

Formally known as COVID-19. You’ve created quite a stir.

Media has reported about you with an undeniable frequency and veracity that has people frightened in both personal & professional contexts. The GDP of entire countries are quaking under the hold of your mysterious pathogens. Supply chains are halting to a stop, and there is a growing uncertainty of how to manage these disruptions.

I’ll admit. It was tough to see you coming! Many thought you’d disappear after a short stay.

But, I got news for you.

We’re going to do our best to make sure we help procurement & sourcing teams to see the next one coming.

Resilience is hard to create and risk is increasingly hard to identify & manage. Supply chain complexity is at an all-time high, and practitioners haven’t necessarily had the best tools at hand to combat risk.

Well… not anymore!

All that media coverage you’ve been so proud of… That’s the exact same coverage that’s going to be your downfall. The team at Kodiak Rating — alongside partners like Meltwater/ — are committed to ensuring a future filled with identifying & managing supply chain risks, before they become an issue.


Kodiak Rating Team

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