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I’m going to try and stay away from the alternative facts.

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Donald Trump’s executive order to ban Muslim’s entering the US from 7 specific countries (branded lands of Islamic extremism) was an order made out of fear and anger, which has created fear and anger.

The world watches in somber disagreement as Americans try and cope peacefully with prejudiced policy. Protest surmounting globally against the ban reminds us that there is a place for love and acceptance, and that place, is here- on Earth.

Today however, this Earth feels much more like an alternative universe. A universe filled with anger and prejudice, lead by a misguided individual.

Donald Trump’s presidency and entire organization, in a way, is one massively inefficient supply chain.

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They have terrible governance, spotty compliance, low levels of sustainability and transparency, disapproval from the masses and they’re making working conditions worse by the minute. Irony is plentiful, considering Donald Trump’s status as a “successful business man,” as stated by Trump, himself (2016).

Well Mr. Trump, I hope you’ve done your homework.

Otherwise, the elaborateness of the analogy, you’re about to be a part of, might just “grab (you) by the p***y” (The 45th President of the United States).

Low Collaboration: Ineffective Vendor Relationships

The Trump Supply Chain is stuck working within a silo of the supply chain.

They risk becoming sluggish and ineffective if they continue to ignore collaborative work within their supply chain. That includes with the consumers (American people) and other vendors in the supply chain (Democrats and other opposing parties).

In the first weeks of a Trump presidency, he and his administration have made some power moves that have upset the liberals of America (Pipeline, Abortion Act, Wall Talks, and Muslim Ban).

Low levels of agreement create animosity and stunted growth in supply chain relationships (bi-partisan actions). These outlandish power plays the Trump Supply Chain have made, risk the ability for any future innovation between the buyer and supplier.

They just don’t get it.

Bottom Line: Trump administration doesn’t have the needed experience and understanding to steer the presidential supply chain.

The presidential supply chain is one of deep complexities. It’s prestige is world renowned and it’s notoriety and exposure is full tilt; 100% of the time. It is a supply chain that must continue to be transparent, democratic and innovative. America’s brand is at stake, and the presidential supply chain must continue to add strategic and business value to that brand.

But I don’t expect Donald Trump to know what it takes to create growth and improvement, sparked by shared collaboration and innovation. No; I don’t expect Donald Trump to understand the interworking of the presidential supply chain, at all.


Because, Donald Trump has never held a politically elected seat in his life.

Contrary to this analogy; the presidency is not just another company in the Trump enterprises. Holding that seat requires a certain knowledge, experience and surrounding team to make it a successful presidency.

It is a common misconception;

“[…] companies mistakenly try to manage the supply chain based on historic transactions which limits the potential of the supply chain” (Cecere 2014).

History and a memory of the past “Great America” cannot bring about success and innovation in present day.

This current administration in control of the presidential supply chain doesn’t quite grasp that idea. They believe America should revert to a manual assembly line of sorts. Progress and innovation is seen as a threat in their American brand initiatives.

Automation, Sustainability, Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing, AI, Remanufacturing through the reverse supply chain and so many other supply chain initiatives moving towards innovation and change; take the back seat. The Trump Supply Chain is digging for coal with man power, American manpower, and burning it right here at home; to Make America Polluted Again.

Low Visibility, Transparency and Traceability

Donald Trump has become famous throughout the course of the 2016 election for his promises.

A level of confidence, high as the Himalayas, was necessary to make these brands of promises to the American people (the consumers in Trump’s supply chain). Confidence is one quality the President of the United States does not lack.

On the contrary, him and his administration (The Presidential Supply Chain) lack the ability to create clearly structured, strategic plans. This creates a lack traceability in a presidential supply chain. When companies provide a good or service (governmental policy) they are expected to be able to trace back that product (reasoning behind the policy) through the supply chain strategies that put the product in the hands of the consumer. The administration have lacked in being able to build a trust/understanding for their product.

He and his administration have a vision for these plans yet they lack quantifiable and/or tangible strategy. Ideas and routes to completing some of these visions are clearly defined, but the means by which these actions will be completed are few and far between.

Please look for yourself!

This lack of supply chain transparency stems partially from the administrations lack of communication with it’s consumer. They are building a structure difficult, for press, to penetrate.

As far as his work and visions for trade agreements with China: I think his words best describe his levels of transparency.

In his most recent novel, Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America he writes,

“The element of surprise wins battles. So I don’t tell the other side what I’m doing, I don’t warn them, and I don’t let them fit me comfortably into a predictable pattern … I like being unpredictable. It keeps them off balance.”

Unfortunately, since Trump has become president, the American people seem to have become “the other side”. We wait, completely clueless to the interworking of his administration, until he decides to deliver brash and unpredictable actions.

Well congratulations Donald Trump. You have us off balance. Unfortunately, for the presidential supply chain, these consumers are tired of being fed an inorganic product.

This publication is brought to you by author Sam Jenks, but also on part by Kodiak Rating — A Supplier Relationship Management SaaS functioning out of Stockholm, Sweden. Kodiak Community intends to challenge traditional business practices with innovative thinking and creation.

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